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My Grandfather, Leonard Bayrd "Len Bayrd" established Bayrds Indian Trading Post 1932 in the town of Wakefield, MA. Leonard Bayrd was born in 1899 and was a recognized member of the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island. My Grandfathers store was a family run business, situated at the head of Lake Quanapowitt. My Grandfather taught his children and they in turn taught their children in the fine art of producing quality Native American arts, crafts and collectables. In our turn, we are continuing in his footsteps by passing on the knowledge and pride of these traditions to our children.

Bayrds Indian Trading Post thrived in the Wakefield community and developed a reputation for crafting intricate bead work, beaded leather jackets, beaded moccasins, southwestern headdresses and selling quality jewelry and supplies to its customers. My Grandfathers attention to detail and traditional styles earned him a reputation and he soon became well known for providing headdresses and other items of regalia all over the US as well as to some actors and actress such as Rex Trailor

My Grandfather was once quoted as saying that he had hoped to retire to New Hampshire and relocate his business there. As his grandson, I am proud to carry on the traditions, and crafting taught to me by my grandfather, mother and uncles. It is my honor to continue to pursue in the legacy of my grandfather not only by reopening Bayrds Indian Trading Post, but perhaps one day relocating to New Hampshire and opening Bayrds Indian Trading Post there as he had hoped to do.

As for me, my wife and my children, we strive to achieve the level of quality and pride in all of our products that was instilled in me by my grandfather. We create our pieces with eye for detail and originality. We travel 8 months out of the year, to Pow Wows ranging from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania

For those who have opened their hearts and shared their company and friendship, know that we are grateful to you all.
Thank you,
Leonard & Marie


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